Yarn Crawl New Mexico, Part 3

For our last day in New Mexico, on the suggestion of Jolanda, our BnB hostess, we decided to visit Bandelier National Monument in Los Alamos. It was a tough call, as I was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy and an arrhythmia on the day before we were supposed to leave on our trip. Everything got pushed back by two days because I had to have a nuclear stress test before we could leave. My doctor warned me to take it easy, so we agreed that I would avoid any major climbing and we would walk the trail very slowly.

It was worth it, because Bandelier is breathtakingly beautiful. While I was able to take pictures from the canyon trail, I was not able to climb the million stairs up to the pueblo caves. At the bottom of the stairs, I gave Ron a 30 second lesson in how to set the f-stop and shutter speed, then let him go. I had no idea about his secret photography talent until I flipped through the pics when he got back down.











Yep, that’s me on the right and that IS my knitting in my lap!

While we were at the visitor center in White Rock waiting for the Bandelier shuttle, we spent a little time looking through the tourist brochures. My eye was immediately drawn to the flyer for Warm Hearts Yarn which turned out to be just across the street from the center. What kind of luck is that?! (Good for me, bad for my husband, obviously!)

Warm Hearts is a very sweet shop and the owner was definitely warm and friendly. She invited me to come for knit night and showed me around the store. They have a fabulous selection of yarn AND they carry Wooly Wonka Fibers! Wooly Wonka actually lives in the Los Alamos / White Rock area. I was captivated by the name on this skein: Primeval Forest. The camera really doesn’t capture the bits of gold and varying shades of green, and it certainly doesn’t convey the pure heavenly squishiness.



Serenity Stitches is another local dyer. While this particular yarn isn’t quite as soft as others, her colorways are magnificent.


My sweet, sweet, wonderfully patient and ever forgiving husband gave me a deep frown when he saw my bag, especially since I promised after Yarn and Coffee that I was done buying yarn for this trip. Sigh. I should know better. I admit, I am addicted to squish.

So if you find yourself up New Mexico way, take a day or two to wander through the land of fiber. The shops I visited are only a fraction of the various shops, farms, studios, and schools that exist in the area. I guess I have much to look forward to on our next trip!


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