Gone Girl

I know it’s a little silly to start a brand new blog and then disappear off the face of the earth, but life got a little crazy. It’s starting to get back to normal, which includes writing more regularly. I’m back, baby!

Lots of stuff happened while I was away from WordPress, including the interface going screwy. What was wrong with the old one? Not sure I like this bright and shiny interface. Why, WordPress, why???

The knitting related stuff was pretty wonderful, though. My husband and I escaped to New Mexico for five glorious nights and he very patiently took me to several shops and alpaca/llama farms in the Albuquerque and Santa Fe area, including a new shop in Los Alamos. I bought way too much yarn. That’s a lie, because there is no such thing as way too much yarn. Bite my tongue!

We stayed at Llamas del Sol for our second night in Albuquerque, which I found on AirBnB. I love that site and have had nothing but good experiences. Lynda was no exception, as she and her husband were absolutely wonderful. We got to meet her llamas and I fell in love with Letta, who has the most beautiful brown eyes and eyelashes that make a girl swoon with jealousy. She has four llamas and they were all very sweet; we got to pet them and walk them, and we even gave them alfalfa treats that had them acting like eager puppies.


Dalai is the leader of the pack and thinks she’s very cool.


Suki is the curious one. She was fascinated by my camera.


Daisy has the best ears. She’s very shy and stayed far back from me.


Letta was my buddy for the afternoon walk. She kept stopping to scratch random itches and she’s very good at balancing on three legs while she does it.

Lynda is a spinner and weaver and does a little knitting now and then. I spent the evening knitting on the sofa next to her while she spun and we watched the original Star Trek (the episode where they all act drunk from the organism that’s transmitted through their sweat). The next morning, she even gave me my first spinning lesson on an antique wheel, and let me tell you, it is WAAAAY more complicated than it seems. It takes a lot of coordination to do everything that needs to be done all at once. I think I’m going to need to learn on a drop spindle first, then try the wheel again.

I highly recommend Llamas del Sol, whether you want to do a llama adventure or need a place to stay while going on a fiber crawl. It’s truly amazing to meet someone who can take fiber all the way from the animal to a finished knitted project. Linda also sells fiber ready for spinning and her llamas make for some beautiful fiber!

While in Albuquerque, I went to The Yarn Store at Nob Hill and it was a wonderful experience. The staff there is very nice, as are the customers. I was quickly invited to sit and knit for a while and to come back for knit night, but my long-suffering husband looked particularly pathetic, so I had to make it quick. I found some gorgeous Mountain Colors Winter Lace Junior in Summertime: a bright pink with teal and green colorway that I couldn’t resist. The Yarn Store is a can’t miss place on a New Mexico yarn crawl.


Mountain Colors Winter Lace Junior


I’ve already made a good start on the Raindrop Shawl!

I skipped Village Wools, although that is Lynda’s LYS (local yarn shop) and she recommended it as a great place full of very knowledgeable staff. I’ll be sure to hit it up next time, though. Instead, I checked out Fiber Chicks in Old Town. While their selection is minimal, the elderly woman at the register was an absolute hoot! We were laughing about husbands being allergic to yarn shops, as mine refused to come inside the door and chose to sit on a bench outside rather than come in. She and I swapped patterns and she showed me several neat yarns including Feza ALP which is six novelty yarns in one skein (self-striping and very cool!). I ended up purchasing a lovely skein of Kerala in Yuccalele from Textiles A Mano, based in Oregon. It is a bright mint green thick and thin with curly slubs in a cotton / rayon blend. I’m not quite sure what to do with it yet, but I’m sure Ravelry will be of great help in deciding.


Kerala from Textiles a Mano

I’ll show off my Santa Fe and Los Alamos yarn haul in my next post, which will hopefully be this week, not a few months from now!

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