Friday On The Needles

A day late again, but it’s been a bit of a stressful week. Of course, that just means I’ve spent extra knitting time! A few of us from my Sunday group decided to start a Thursday night group which was a complete blast. Unfortunately, one friend is going to visit her grandkids and another is about to start a consulting project, making her short on time. It might be just me for a while, but I never mind KIPping (knitting in public).

First up is the absolutely gorgeous Cavallo Point by Brenda Patipa. I’m using Knit Picks Palette in Seafaring. The stitch definition is perfect and I can’t wait to wear it to New Mexico in October. A local designer who uses Palette for many of her patterns reassured me that once it is washed and steam blocked, it will relax and be super soft. Palette is actually quite soft considering it is 100% wool.


Having already made this once before, it is going quickly and I am madly in love with it. Although the pattern description claims the 12 row repeat is easy to memorize, my fibro makes me a little too spacey to pull that off. Fortunately, the repeat is simple to follow so glancing at the pattern doesn’t lose much time. I love the double border of scalloped garter stitch followed by reverse garter. I’m so glad I didn’t give up on the Cavallo Point pattern, just the yarn that I was using to make it the first time. I’ll tell you why on Sunday!



Next is Lina by Johanna of Joko Knits. I decided to give Swish DK another chance, and I think I figured out part of why my Eva Marie hat “melted.” Although there are few reviews of the DK, a couple of reviewers of the Swish worsted weight did complain about their finished objects losing their shape after washing. I also need to confess that the other part of the problem was a Knewbie Knitter mistake: I used a 24 inch cable rather than a 16 inch as noted in the pattern. I didn’t realize how much of a difference that would make until I cast on Lina on my new 16 inch circ bamboo needles and noticed how much tighter my stitches are. Yup, I’m confident that stretching stitches across an additional 8 inches of cable was a major contributing factor. This time, I went down a needle size to a 6 and I’m knitting tightly. I may end up giving it to my niece if it doesn’t fit my daughter, but the joy of hats is they will ALWAYS fit someone!


Beautiful stitch definition. Lina is a basic rib and cable, but uses a k1tbl, p1 to give a nicely raised ribbing.

Lina is easy to memorize, unlike Cavallo Point. I thought I would forget to knit through the back loop as opposed to a regular knit stitch, but I only did it once. This a fun pattern and looks like an alien brain once it’s stretched out. I think it might be cool to do in a coral color to wear on Halloween. I can see whipping out a ton of these as Christmas presents, too.

Of course, Morrigan is still on the needles, as is the dragonfly Kuura. Also languishing in the black hole that is my knitting bag is the Winter Flame scarf, a bandage, yarn and beads for Bella Botanica, and two skeins of Deborah Norville sock weight Serenity yarn in Aquamarine. Those may be transformed into a baby sweater so I can practice making a top down seamless raglan cardigan before I attempt to make one for a small adult. Still in time out is the Quilt and Cable throw, which will likely be frogged and remade using either a bulky weight yarn or two strands of DK.

While it can sometimes be a little frustrating to have multiple projects in every stage except for “done,” the advantage is that I’m continually practicing several different skills (cables, lace, casting on in various ways, reading charts). What’s even better is that I’m becoming a much faster knitter. While the Eva Marie hat took me almost two weeks, Lina will likely be half that time. Yes, it is an easier pattern, but it’s cabled and ribbed all the way up whereas EM was not.

One thing that I would like to work on this year is yarn bombing my new Prius. It already suffers from terminal cuteness, so why not go for cuteness overload? I’m still trying to figure out how to attach the fabric, with the idea of using elastic on the edges. I just want to do the hood and the sideview mirrors but it needs to be removable so my husband can still drive it. I’m thinking Red Heart Super Saver might finally have a purpose in my life, since it is washable and indestructible. Seriously, after a nuclear holocaust, the only thing left will be roaches and RHSS afghans.

Please come follow me at the new blog, On Sunday’s Knewbie Knitter’s Lexicon, I’ll discuss stitch definition, color runs, and color pooling. See you there!

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